Women Playing Black

   Rachel Dolezal shown in picture.
Professing an affinity for being black since she was a teenager  when her parents adopted four African American Children, the girl chose a college where she could immerse herself in such racial issues. Marrying a black man, Rachel A. Dolezal is hardly the first person to embrace in changing racial identity. 

“She’s clearly our birth child,” says Lawrence Dolezal. “We’re clearly Caucasian- that’s just a fact.” 

Ms.Dolezal didn’t respond to numerous phone calls, emails, nor knocks on the door. But, the allegation hit up the internet. Ms.Dolezal, who is at the age of 37, became quite the punch on twitter- the subject of countless barbed one-liners.

A columnist for The Guardian speaks up, saying, “ The reason her story (Rachel. A Dolezal) is so fascinating, is me, and the rest of the world is that it exposes in a disquieting way- that our race is performance— that, despite the stark differences in how our races are preceived and privileged (or not) by others, they are all prededicated on a myth that the differences are intristic and intrinsically perceptible

Liberals and Blacks accused Ms.Dolezal of an offensive impersonation, part of whic a long history of whites appropriated blach heritage- when it suited them. 

But, Many conservative commentators accused liberals of hypocrisy for accepting Caitlyn Jenner as a woman, of course, not Ms.Dolezal as a black, though. 

American history is FULL of tales, including blacks “passing” as whites. Faking a racial history- in either direction, raises difficult questions about what race is and, why it matters about the assumptions people make. Yes, there have been other examples in American History where white people are living, or trying to pass as blacks. 

Mezz Mezzrow, a jazz musician whom died in 1972, often passed as black, calling himself “Avoluntary Negro.”

Ms.Dolezal’s parents said that they each have had a great grandmother whom was part Native American, but otherwise, their ancestry is not European. 

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Honestly, everybody should love writing. it’s like a therapy, it makes me happy. I, myself, find it phenomenal how things work. Everybody needs a chance in their life where they should be able to feel the joy of writing. it sounds strange, even weird, like something a librarian would say as you were an elementary student, but, it really, and truly takes you to a different place. That sounds very cheesy, once you think about it.  But, then again, that’s the thing about reading, or writing- you don’t have to think! You just kind of, do. Ya know? So, anyway. 
I’m going to start doing questions on my blogs, and I would love for you to help me out with them. I feel as if writing in peaceful, and quiet places that have little sound, are the best places for me to write. So, here’s my question!


Where is your favorite place to write? 
At home in bed,
A library,
An airplane,


Hi there! 

My name is gracie, and, clearly, my blog has just now started. so, i’m going to tell you a bit about myself.

I love to read. Anything, honestly- and write, if i could write anything in the world, I would love for it to be a book that is able to be published. Seeing how good some of the bloggers posts are, (yes, I’ve already read some.) I find it that I have a lot to work on for this blog to blossom into something a lot better than it is now- being that I have just started my blog. 

Thank you!

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